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 _|_|_|_|  _|        _|    _|  _|    _|      _|    _|  _|    _|  _|_|_|_|  
 _|        _|        _|    _|  _|    _|    _|      _|  _|    _|  _|        
   _|_|_|    _|_|_|  _|    _|    _|_|    _|_|_|_|  _|  _|    _|    _|_|_|  


Prophile on df0x - echostaff

[ Specification ]

 Handle/nick 	:  df0x
 A.K.A 		:  you don't need it :-)
 Real Name 	:  you don't need it :-) 
 Handle origin 	:  Just another daemon of the net
 catch me 	:  Catch me inside your machine, can't you?
 Age of my body	:  24 years 
 Produced in 	:  ID
 Height&Weight 	:  160 & 65
 Urlz 		:  Google is your friend, it's easy to find it
 Computers spec	:  Windows 7 on Toshiba 
 Member of 	:  actually not so active on the scene :-)
 Projects 	:  psyshard, grid-toolkit, ipv6-hackit
[ Favorite things ]

 Foods 		:  Seafood, iga sapi
 Drinkz 	:  Cold beer
 Colorz 	:  Black
 Music 		:  Trance, Progresive, Rock
 Bandz/siNger 	:  Armin, Tiesto,IIO, Linkin Park, Gun 'n Rose
 Movies 	:  One Piece, Naruto
 Books & Authors:  25 ways to win with the people
 Urls 		:, it's enough
 I like 	:  own your machine
 I dislike 	:  kiddies
 Place 		:  above my bed
 Time 		:  sleeping time

[ Words ]

do it with pride or leave it without regret!

[ Hopes ]

-  Become indonesian president, build this country with IT, conquer the
   whole world :-)

[ Shoutz & Greetz ]

 - all underground communities

[ Short wOrds about Hacker ]

Bunch of skilled people who understand how the things really go! You are
not hacker without doing piracy.

[ short story about df0x ]

Use computer first time in Junior High School, working with DOS 6.0,
Wordstar, and Lotus 123.

Use Linux and installing Red Hat 6.2 when i study in one of indonesian
university (not University of Indonesia), then play with Mandrake 8, Fedora
Core 2 to 5, and finally fall in love with Ubuntu.

Use OpenBSD since OpenBSD 3.6 and use it for my first server, incidentally
my server is owned!

Learn C, PHP, perl, and python. I'm so happy when first time i can write my
own exploit after reading basic socket programming with C. Months later i
learn how to work with raw socket, writing buffer overflow and format
string exploit, and finally trapped with loadable kernel module, kmem, and
bypassing stack protection. Now, i use some programming languages to code
some penetration testing tools!

[ df0x biggest obsession ]
Become president, conquer the whole world! :))

[ Story about the scene ]

First, it's fun (cool?) to take over almost all core internet
infrastructure of a country, just imagine that you can shut down internet
or just make automatic teller machine won't response the request!

Second, it's fun (great?) to take over grid computing managed by one of
russian nuclear research and finally find a way to break in to grid
computing of europan nuclear research.

[ interview ]

 Q: Apa yang membuat kamu tertarik dengan security, atau dunia IT ?
 Y: My curiosity and my freedomship. You may try to restrict information 
    but technology enables us to stand as equal (Lithium Error?)

 Q: Menurut kamu, cara belajar komputer yang baik itu bagaimana?
 Y: Understand the concept, do it in practice, consistent, don't easily to
    give up!

 Q: Sering baca echo|zine ?
 Y: Collect it? yes!

 Q: OS Favorit ?
 Y: Desktop? Windows! Server? Linux and OpenBSD

 Q: Software favorit?
 Y: Putty, Firefox

 Q: Bidang apakah dari ilmu komputer yang paling kamu sukai (e.g : network)
 Y: networking, programming

 Q: Suka programming ? ,jika ya bahasa apakah yang sering digunakan ?
 Y: Yeah, C, PHP, perl, python, (bash scripting?)

 Q: Jenis aplikasi apa yang sering kamu buat?, mengapa ?
 Y: I don't use it to build things but simply to break so much things :-)

 Q: Cita cita terbesar yang belum dipenuhi saat ini ?
 Y: Become president, how much times i have to tell you?! x(

 Q: Pandangan kamu tentang komunitas IT di indonesia ?
 Y: Makin banyak yang jago tapi makin banyak juga yang manja.

 Q: Pendapat kamu tentang open source ?
 Y: It's good as long as to be managed consistently!

 Q: Pandangan kamu tentang dukungan pemerintah terhadap opensource?
 Y: So far, so good now.

 Q: Tokoh yang paling kamu kagumi, mengapa?
 Y: Nabi Muhammad SAW

 Q: Jika kamu adalah [tokoh yang kamu kagumi] , apa yang akan kamu lakukan?
 Y: I don't dare to imagine it!

 Q: Jika anda jadi presiden , apa yang akan anda lakukan?
 Y: Build this country, support IT, researcher, and academic communities. 

 Q: Kapan kamu kenal Echo?
 Y: 2005 or 2006 *sigh, i forget it*

 Q: Saat Pertama Kali mengenal Echo , apa yang membuat kamu tertarik ?
 Y: forum :-)

 Q: Bagaimana pendapat kamu tentang echo?
 Y: komunitas yang cukup besar :-)

 Q: Pandangan kamu tentang echo saat ini?
 y: seems, most of you have really been busy with real life :-)

 Q: Saran untuk echo?
 Y: Keep spirit!


 Q 1. console 2.gui  , answer : GUI
 Q 1. vista 2. ubuntu 3. leopard, answer : 7 :-)
 Q 1. mouse 2.keyboard 3. monitor , answer : keyboard
 Q 1. c 2. python 3. assembly , answer: c
 Q 1. PnP (plug n Play) 2. ./configure; make install 3. apt-get , answer:apt-get
 Q 1. intel 2. AMD 3. ppc , answer : amd
 Q 1. geek 2. nerd 3. gaul, answer : nerd
 Q 1. vmware 2.qemu 3. Xen , answer: vmware

[ Spontan ]
 1. newbie	Pemula
 2. root	0
 3. Injection	Nemesis
 4. encryption	RSA
 5. idsecconf	UPN
 6. knowledge	Power
 7. Bandwidth	Download
 8. Switch	Catalyst
 9. Error	Fatal
 10.Packet	Raw